Year of One Hundred Portraits | Año de Cien Retratos

The Year of One Hundred Portraits project is a challenge I have posed for myself this year July 2019-July 2020. It is a chance to connect people through a sculpting experience and for myself to deepen my understanding of expression and storytelling in sculpture. Working with models from life grants you the opportunity to capture a thousand moments in a single sculpture. This moment has the ability to capture a living essence or breath, if you will, which I have seen mastered in few sculptures and have yet to find in my own work. In pursuit of this sort of life in sculpture (especially as I prepare for a delicate series close to my heart) I have set out on this wild adventure to tell 100 stories. All of my models for this project are volunteers. They sit as long or as short as they like and the storytelling of the piece becomes a collaboration. Sometimes people pose silently and still, and other times they are animated and share their own stories. Some portraits have a theme, others are an expression, some are an interpretation.

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I’m looking for people to join me in my new project, beginning in July 2019, to sculpt one hundred portraits, each with a unique narrative and life—within one year!

Participating in the project, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience as a portrait model and discover how the portrait and its story emerge piece by piece from clay.

You can register to pose as a model for 3 to 10 hours with sessions of 15 to 25 minutes. Pose, listen to music, tell your story and see how your portrait takes shape. The time to finish a portrait will vary from one project to another and everything will depend on your availability. You can choose to divide the time between several days and schedules at your convenience.

Once the portrait is finished, if you find you like it and would like to keep the sculpture, you will have the opportunity to order the piece as life-size bronze artwork for € 2,800, or a plaster copy of the piece for €1,000. Rights remain with the artist.

I look forward to working with you on this project!

I am at your disposal to clarify any doubts or questions that may arise.

Únete a mi nuevo y ambicioso proyecto de esculpir en un año cien retratos. Mi objetivo es reunir en este año, empezando en julio de 2019, cien retratos donde cada uno de ellos explique una historia distinta.

Regístrate para gozar de una experiencia única como modelo de retrato y descubre como el retrato y su historia emergen pieza por pieza del barro.

Puedes inscribirte para posar de modelo de retrato durante 3 hasta 10 horas con sesiones de 15 a 25 minutos. Posa, escucha música, cuenta tu historia y observa cómo toma forma tu retrato. El tiempo para finalizar un retrato variará de un proyecto a otro y todo dependerá de tu disponibilidad. Puedes elegir dividir el tiempo entre varios días y horarios, siempre a tu conveniencia.

Una vez terminado el retrato, si te gusta, y te gustaría conservar la escultura, tendrás la oportunidad de pedir una copia de bronce única y personalizada a tamaño real por € 2.800 o una copia en yeso de la obra por € 1.000. Se requerirá el permiso por los derechos de imagen de la obra.

¡Espero que os animéis a formar parte de este proyecto!

Quedo a vuestra disposición para aclarecer todas las dudas que os puedan surgir.

La verdad que ya el primer dia , después de 2 horas de pose ya quedé maravillado de tu trabajo y al finalizar el mismo era como mirarme al espejo, fue un trabajo espectacular y nunca olividaré esas sesiones
The truth that already the first day, after 2 hours of pose and I was amazed by your work and at the end of it was like looking in the mirror, it was a spectacular job and I will never forget those sessions
— Quique
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Having my portrait done by Gabrielle was an amazing experience. We had less than two hours together for her to work on the portrait. In that time I saw my own image built out of mud into a work of art that not only resembled me but reflected me in ways that I could not see by looking in a mirror. There is definitely a sense of surrender when you allow yourself to be portrayed by another that does not necessarily correspond to how you see yourself. It was a profound experience to see beauty in the making and even more humbling to consider that the clay that Gabrielle used to produce my image will likely be recycled to produce something even more beautiful.
— Matthew